Albuquerque Evaporative Cooler Repairs & Maintenance

Due to New Mexico’s dry climate, evaporative coolers are both an efficient and affordable cooling solution. Swamp coolers are one of the most reliable cooling methods, so they typically have low repair rates and are much more affordable in comparison to refrigerated air systems. Despite their reliability, swamp coolers still need regular maintenance twice a year, once when the unit is turned on and another when you turn it off.

Our Professional team of HVAC technicians are equipped to provide you with the best service possible. Whether your cooling unit just needs maintenance or if it needs repairs, rest assured that with Steward’s, we’ll get the job done right the first time. Contact us today regarding any questions about our services or to schedule an appointment!

Benefits of Using Evaporative Cooling

  • Perfect for dry environments like New Mexico
  • Affordable maintenance
  • Low repair rates
  • Ductwork is not required