Beat the Albuquerque Heat the Smart Way – With a Swamp Cooler!

Albuquerque summers are hot & dry – stay cool and hydrated with a swamp cooler installation from Steward’s Plumbing! While typically much cheaper than refrigerated air systems, evaporative cooling systems also have the advantage of adding much needed humidity to your home! This can help your family if they have respiratory issues, discourage bacteria growth, help dry skin, and many other health benefits in addition to keeping cool!

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Your Swamp Cooler Service

Swamp Cooler Startup

Transitioning swamp coolers from our frozen winter months to our blazing summers takes a professional to ensure the job is done properly to avoid any cracks, breaks, or leaks in the system. We’ll help you de-winterize your unit, which can be a tricky process if you don’t know where to look for problems, all in time for that summer weather!

Swamp Cooler Service

Regular maintenance of any system is vital to keeping money in your wallet. Much like you wouldn’t exercise without stretching, you don’t want to use your swamp cooler daily without getting it serviced first. We’ll clean the unit of any built-up debris, check for leaks or weak points, and ensure your system is good for continued use throughout the summer. Imagine if it broke during a 90 degree day – yikes!

Swamp Cooler Startup

Tried to turn on your swamp cooler & it’s not working? Don’t wait until your whole family is sweating! Steward’s Plumbing can quickly send one of our technicians over to assess the problem, make necessary repairs, and provide advice on how to maintain the system to avoid future setbacks!

Swamp Cooler Installation

Finally convinced that a swamp cooler is just what your family needs this summer to stay cool at prices that beat any refrigerated system? Steward’s Plumbing provides expert swamp cooler installation. Our professionals can help you find the perfect unit for your home size & budget.

Swamp Cooler Changeover

Dormant swamp coolers need a changeover! Ducts need to be cleaned of allergens, fan belts need to be tightened, the motor needs to be oiled – there’s a list of things to prepare your unit for the summer, and Steward’s Plumbing has over 40 years of experience, giving you the best service & the coolest air.

  • Fernando has served many of our plumbing/heating and cooling needs in the past. As usual, he was prompt, courteous and efficient!

    – Richard M

  • I was quite happy with the work and am delighted with the results of the new thermostatic control valve.

    – Thomas S.

  • The Steward’s Plumbing Team was on time, professional, clean and stuck with the job until it was completed. Their assistance when other companies dropped the ball saved a horrible situation. We sure learned…don’t call them last…call them first!

    – Sara

  • Their work is excellent and their people are reliable. True professionals at their best.

    – Chris A.

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