I have an old old house that is my home sweet home. Over the years I have had lots of work done on my home to keep it going strong. As I aged, along with my home, I realized that I really do like to be warm in the winter. My one floor heater was woefully inadequate. About three years ago, Eric Maxon of Stewards Plumbing installed radiant baseboard heat. I called it residential open heart surgery! They did a wonderful job and the system is great. Just today, Stewards completed my new waterline and again did a great job. It’s never fun to have big plumbing jobs done at home. But if the work is needed, I strongly recommend that Stewards be consulted.

Susan D.

I was quite happy with the work and am delighted with the results of the new thermostatic control valve.

Thomas S.

Ray did a great job on our 5 Yrs. Lowe’s EPP Electric 50 G Water Heater Drain Valve warranty replacement this morning. He remember our original plumbing installation by Steward’s/Eric in 2006.

David C.

Above average plumbing services!

Virginia K

We are truly lucky that I found your company. Whether it is new equipment or installation or yearly maintenance for our boiler, swamp coolers, or hot water heaters, your recommendations have been on target and your work is exemplary. Thanks again for showing us that there are companies that have high ethics and can be trusted to do the right thing.

Lillian Snyder

I use Steward’s Plumbing for their knowledge, concern of code compliance and life safety issues. They understand the importance of customer satisfaction.

Earl Freeman - Freeman's Finest Construction

You know the saying ‘you get what you pay for?’ Well, with Steward’s Plumbing—you get more than you pay for!

Eric Tidmore - Trinity Construction

Steward’s Plumbing quickly took care of a plumbing problem for me. They got me in contact with leak detection, then came into my home for the hard work. They did minimum damage to the concrete floor and home. Repaired the broken pipe and restored water and harmony to the household.

Michael G.

Plumbing work is never fun for the homeowner. Owning a very old home, I feel particularly qualified to make that observation. However, if you need plumbing work performed, Eric Maxon and his staff at Stewards makes the process as tolerable as possible. I especially appreciate their focus on customer satisfaction.


Fernando has served many of our plumbing/heating and cooling needs in the past. As usual, he was prompt, courteous and efficient!

Richard M

Eric handled my problem quickly and had the part I needed in a short time. I appreciate the speediness for the service given. We highly recommend Eric and his staff.

Phillip Vigil

The Steward’s Plumbing Team was on time, professional, clean and stuck with the job until it was completed. Their assistance when other companies dropped the ball saved a horrible situation. We sure learned…don’t call them last…call them first!


Their work is excellent and their people are reliable. True professionals at their best.

Chris Archuleta - Sullivan Schein Dental

Dependable and affordable: That’s the best way I can describe Steward’s

Fred Mossman - Mossman Enterprises