The City of Albuquerque's toilet rebate program, known as Operation Low Flow, began December 1, 1995. All City of Albuquerque water customers receive information about the program in their water bills during the month of November. In addition, radio and television PSA's and newsprint coverage promote the program beginning through early 1996

Operation Low Flow is now retroactive. Only installations occurring after December 1, 1995 will be eligible for the rebate. The program will be offeed on a first come, first served basis and will last as long as funds permit.

Homeowners may install their toilet(s) themselves, or they may hire any plumber or plumbing contractor licensed in the state of New Mexico to do the job. In the event the homeowner installs, the installation still must be certified by a licensed plumber or plumber.

Customers will be provided with certification forms by the City. A section of this form must be completed (it takes just a fw minutes by a plumber or plumbing contractor whether te toilet has been installed by the homeowner or plumber. The plumber is responsible for verifying that a high flow toilet has been replaced by a low flow toilet and for disposing of the old toilet(s) for recycling. It is important that you complete the certification fromr in order for the customer to receive the $100 rebate (or $75 for a second toilet, and $50 for a third). Owners of multi-family residential units will receive a $75 rebate per toilet. All customers will receive an $8 rebate for each high flow showerhead replaced with a low flow fixture on a per toilet basis.

WATER BILL CREDITS Participating water custormers will receive
credits on their water bills in the rebate amount. If they qualify for a $100 rebate, for example, and their water bills are only $25/month, they will receive a $25 credit each month for four months.

CUSTOMER ELIGIBILITY The installation address must have an active City retail water system account in good standing, and participants must be owners or agents of the properties where the water service is delivered. Customers who wish to participate must call the City to receive an application (768-3655). The City will provide the customer with a certification form which the plumber will have to sign to verify installation. Toilets to be installed must be grade A, UPC-approved, 1.6 gallon or less per flush.

It is essential that you or the homeowner remove all metals and plastics from toilets before they are delivered to the collection sites for crushing. The crushing mechanism will not accomodate these materials.

Due to heavy interest in customer installation, Operation Low Flow no longer requires installation by plumbers only. Individuals who attended the installation/certification classes at TVI will be refunded their tuition costs by the City. Write to City Conservaion Officer, P.O. Box 1293, Albuquerque, NM 87103.

TOILET DISPOSAL You must remove the old toilet from your customers' premisis. Drop it off at one of the central locations listed below. The City's Solit Waste Department will remove the accumulated toiltes from these locations periodically and take them to the crushing site.

DUMPSTER LOCATIONS Western Plumbing Suply - 324 Kentucky SE
Bob Garrecht Supply Co. - 2432 Claremont NE
Samons - 5314 Central SW
Home Base - 4373 Alexander Blvd NE

Western Mobile, Inc. has volunteered to crush all toilets collected by Operation Low Flow. This amounts to over 7,000 toilets that will not end up in the landfill! The by-product will be utilized for asphalt road base or other reusable products.

Commercial Customers are not covered by Operation Low Flow in this first year. It is hoped the program can be extended to this customer group in the near future.