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The Importance of Regular Drain Cleaning


Drains are a neglected part of many homes. They are rarely subjected to seasonal or regular cleaning and this can cause future plumbing problems, especially in older homes. Regular drain cleaning removes any built up material or clogs and keeps drains functioning properly.

Benefits Of Regular Drain Cleaning Services

Reduced Future Plumbing Expenses

There are many issues that blocked drains can cause that can lead to costly repairs down the road.

  • Blocked drains can easily overflow, creating highly unsanitary conditions in the home.
  • Flooding caused by clogged drains can also damage pipes and other plumbing components.
  • Older homes may have obstructions in the pipes such as broken trees and other large debris.

Instead of jumping to conclusions about needing to replace your pipes (a long and expensive process) call a professional plumber. During a drain cleaning, plumbers can use a special camera to explore the pipes and accurately evaluate the situation. They are equipped with powerful tools to eradicate debris from the drainage system and save you money on future expenses caused by blocked drains. Homes with basements should especially consider regular drain cleaning, as restoring a flooded basement is a huge expense

Health & Safety

Water is known to carry germs and diseases, which usually isn’t an issue with water in the house, but there are instances where this can occur.

  • Stagnant water in the shower or sink, caused by a blocked drain, can accumulate harmful bacteria, not to mention the pure annoyance of having to stand in ankle-deep water while trying to shower.
  • Overflowing toilets can carry toxic sewage water into the home, contaminating carpets and other items.

Plumbers can be scheduled for regular drain cleaning in order to prevent these issues from ever happening.

Better Smelling Home

Many homeowners complain about their smelly drains and don’t realize what the cause is. The most common culprit of a stinky drain is a slightly clogged drain.

  • Material becomes trapped and rots in the pipes, close to the surface.
  • This odor wafts out of the drain and is highly unpleasant.

Residential plumbing services can easily solve this issue with a drain cleaning.

Improved Water Quality

We drink water, cook with water, bathe with water and give our pets water. Drinking clean, healthy water is vital for maintaining a healthy body.

  • Contaminated water can cause a multitude of poor health conditions for people and animals.

Regular drain cleaning performed by a professional plumber cleans toxic debris from the pipes, which greatly improves the quality of your tap water.

If you’re now concerned about the status of your drain, there’s no need to panic! Just call Steward’s Plumbing at (505) 906-6777 today or contact us online. Our professional Albuquerque plumbers will be there before you know it!