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Your day is going to be spoiled if you wake up to a cold shower. When your water heater is acting up, connect with Steward’s Plumbing Inc. in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and the surrounding communities by calling us at (505) 906-6777. Our convenient scheduling options make it simple to get one of our Albuquerque water heater repair technicians to your door when it is best for you. Thanks to our extensive industry experience, we are capable of working on both tankless and conventional water heaters of most any make or model.

To arrange a water heater repair in Albuquerque, NM, fill out an online contact form now and we will speak with you as soon as we can.

Does Your Water Heater Need A Repair?

For many of us, water heaters are a necessity that we often don’t think about. The unsettling feeling you get when the water turns cold may amount to the fact that you do not have enough hot water in your heater to sufficiently produce a sufficient amount for your household. If you are experiencing any problems with your water heater, it may be time for a repair. Don't hesitate to reach out to the Albuquerque water heater repair technicians at Steward’s Plumbing.

Common Reasons For Water Heater Repair

  • Seasonal Temperature Variations: Your water heater may be working properly, but the amount of hot water produced can be lowered due to the colder water entering the system's tank during the winter months. Since the water is cooler during winter, the water takes longer to heat up. If the hot water deficiency continues after the frigid winter months, you may need a repair
  • Defective Shower Control Or Faucet Valve: Is hot water being produced in some showers and faucets but not others? Then the issue might be with a faulty shower control or faucet valve and not the water heater itself.
  • Increased Water Usage: Your water heater tank may not be able to produce the amount of water needed to provide for a spike in hot water usage. Try washing clothes in cold water, reduce hot water usage during showers, and take other conservation measures.
  • Leak In The Plumbing: If there is a leak in your plumbing system, your water heater may be struggling to create hot water. The leak may be causing cold water to steadily enter the tank, hindering the water from being heated to a warmer temperature
  • Water Heater Is Incorrectly Sized: Do you constantly run out of hot water and fairly quickly? The problem might be due to the water heater not being big enough for your household.
  • Transposed Plumbing Connections: During the installation of a water heater, the connections can sometimes get reversed. Make sure that the correct hoses are attached to the appropriate connections.
  • Water Heater Needs Flushing: If you live in an area that has hard water or simply have a water heater that is many years old, it may be time to drain and flush out your tank. If a tank has not been drained and flushed, sediment can build up and diminish your water heater’s performance.

Water Heater Repair Vs. Replacement

When your water heater breaks down, you're left with two options. You can either opt for water heater repair or replace your unit outright. What you should do depends on the breakdown, repair, and age of your water heater. If you notice any of the following, you should consider replacement over repair as it's the financially prudent maneuver.

1. Your water heater is old - Tank water heaters last about 10 years while tankless water heaters usually go for 20. If your water heater is much older you shouldn't put more money into repair.

2. You have rusty colored water - If your hot water has this discoloration to it, one of two things is happening. Either your anode rod is rusty and should be replaced or your corrosion problem has spread to the rest of the water heater.

3. Loud rumbling or grinding - When it comes to assessing your water heater's noises, the kind of sound is very telling. If you're getting a snapping or popping sound then you could have our water heater repair experts rinse your unit, but these loud rumbling or grinding sounds are another issue.

4. You keep running out of hot water - If you're constantly running out of hot water, there isn't really a repair that will make your tank bigger.

5. An expensive repair - Usually if there's an expensive repair on an older unit, replacement will be the better option.

Comprehensive Albuquerque Water Heater Repair & Maintenance

The best way to safeguard your water heater from breaking down is to schedule routine maintenance with Steward's Plumbing Inc. Our certified plumbers have more than 40 years of total experience keeping water heaters functioning properly. With regular maintenance services, you can rest assured that your unit will be ready for you when you need it. Additionally, if your unit is giving you trouble, our Albuquerque water heater repair team can help evaluate your water heater to determine whether a repair or replacement would be the most cost-effective solution.

Key Benefits Of Regular Water Heater Maintenance Include:

  • Better water: The water that comes from your hot water heater can start to take on an odd odor, color, or feel if your water heater has not been maintained in quite some time. With routine maintenance, your tankless or tanked water heater will be producing top quality hot water, each and every time you turn on a hot water tap.
  • Lower bills: An efficient hot water heater requires less energy to provide the same amount of hot water. You might see a big drop in your energy or gas bills each month thanks to maintenance that keeps your water heater highly efficient.
  • Lessened costs: You also will not need to keep money in reserves for costly repairs if you perform routine water heater maintenance instead. Fixing little issues early means avoiding big problems later.
  • Peace of mind: Perhaps the most important benefit of water heater maintenance is that it gives you and your family peace of mind that you will always have hot water when you want it.

Choose Steward's Plumbing Inc. For All Your Water Heater Repair Needs

Of course, you can’t always catch a problem with your water heater before it causes a break or defect. When that happens, know that Steward’s Plumbing Inc. and our Albuquerque water heater repair plumbers are standing by to help out. Our reputation for complete customer satisfaction will make you call us now, and our incredible workmanship and attention to detail will make you call us the next time you need help with a plumbing service!

Go ahead and call (505) 906-6777 to schedule an appointment for water heater repair in Albuquerque, NM.

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