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Steward’s Plumbing Inc. is the local Albuquerqueans call when they need a new swamp cooler, or when their current one is acting up. Our plumbing technicians have the skills, experience, and tools needed to complete any swamp cooler repair, replacement, or maintenance job. It is our goal to keep your family cool and cozy throughout even the longest, hottest New Mexico summers!

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What is a Swamp Cooler & Why Should You Get One?

Nowadays, full-sized air conditioning units are fairly common in all types of residential properties. AC systems may be impressive, but they aren’t always the best option. For example, AC systems can be a power drain, expensive to repair when they break down, and also be overly-efficient in small spaces, chilling things to the point of discomfort.

When an AC unit is not the right choice, a swamp cooler probably is. Swamp coolers – also called an evaporative cooler – use a fan system and water evaporation from a reservoir or water line feed. As the water evaporates, it cools the air being pulled through the swamp cooler, which then distributes that cold air via the fan’s airflow. Contrarily, AC units use vapor-compression and refrigerants to create the same cooling effect

Benefits of swamp coolers over AC units:

  • Often less expensive to purchase, repair, and maintain
  • Lower energy consumption means lower energy bills
  • Greener option for a happy ecosystem
  • Precisely cools one or several rooms

You can even control the temperature of an individual room if multiple swamp coolers are installed throughout your property. Families that can’t seem to agree on the best cool temperature can get a swamp cooler for each bedroom, allowing people to set their own desired temperatures.

Schedule Your Swamp Coolers Repairs & Replacements

Our team of swamp cooler technicians in Albuquerque would be happy to help you pick a new swamp cooler for your home. There are all types of makes, models, and designs you can browse before making your selection. Using our advanced industry knowledge, we can help you pick the swamp cooler that best fits your needs and budget, installing it new or replacing your old one.

We can also conduct efficient swamp cooler repairs. If something goes wrong with your swamp cooler, then we can assuredly fix it!

Warning signs that your swamp cooler needs some repairs:

  • No longer cools your living space
  • Fan does not spin
  • Water leaks from the system
  • Strange noises while running

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