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"The Power of Community" Podcast

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Every story is so similar. When contractors share how they started in the business, you often hear, “I worked with my dad,” followed by tales of how—years later– they ended up loving what they were doing! Why? Being part of a strong community, the ability to solve problems and the opportunity to do something they really enjoy are the big reasons.

You will not want to miss PHCC-National President Joel Long’s invigorating conversation with:

  • Eric Maxon, President & Trusted Advisor for Steward Plumbing, QSC Advisory Council member, and
  • Dave Chic, Program Director for QSC and CCA.

Discover how a young kid holding up the end of a firehose (with a little help from adults) ended up working for his father and realized how much he loved plumbing. Then how a young man in his 20s started in the trade association business and realized how important relationship building was.

In this podcast, that same man years today describes how joining a PHCC enhanced service group is just like adding the tracer lights and package to a nice base model Fiat. This contractor-association exec duo will share how PHCC’s Quality Service Contractors (QSC) and Construction Contractors Alliance (CCA) are transforming businesses by providing open forums where contractors meet with niche groups within their industry and by providing educational resources and essential feedback to help contractors do business more effectively.


  • How plumbing involves unpacking new techniques, helping people and solving problems.
  • How community building has become the most important ingredient for QSC and CCA and how businesses embrace learning from one another with the Q-list.
  • Why goal-setting, homework and building relationships are crucial in the QSC Business Coach experience.
  • How businesses get turned around and set back on the right path by collaborating with other contractor business owners who share methodologies, technical acumen and leadership skill sets.
  • How ‘personal stories’ help to stretch the mind when collaborating with fellow business owners.
  • How to profit from being a QSC or CCA member by learning from one another.

Joel also asks for book recommendations and these gentlemen bring interesting books they have read on selling, relationship building, and positive leadership. We invite you to tune in today!

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